Austin's Adventure

Travel the World with Me


I’ve been dreaming of exploring since I was born, and have spent all of my adult life traveling the world. A year ago, I left a full-time career to permanently travel. During this time away from a traditional life I want to focus on exploring the world around me and sharing it with others. I’ve decided to trade the mentality of seeking happiness through filling my life with possessions, for a life centered around creating meaningful experiences. I’ll be learning new things, challenging myself, creating new relationships with people from every walk of life and from every corner of this great planet, and continually strengthening relationships with those that are closest to me.

Through I’ll be sharing my knowledge of travel, and sharing new experiences as they are created. If you’d like to join in for the adventure, subscribe to the blog, follow me on Instagram as @austinsadventure, and on Twitter as @austinamayer1. I’m also available for any questions, comments or feedback at



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