I woke up today and declared it a sick day. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to take sick days if I wasn’t really working, and there was no one to ask if I could take a day off. I decided I better lay low and rest. Hopefully, this would pass soon. It is really disappointing taking a sick day while traveling. Today was one more day to explore Hong Kong, and I wasn’t back home in Utah with my own jetted tub, comfy bed, or Mom, so what fun is a sick day? At home, you know how to be sick. You have your own little routine of how to make yourself feel better. I didn’t really have that here, everything was still very foreign, so I’d have to make up something.

I cancelled all of my appointments;  morning run, circuit group in the park, happy hour, dinner, horse races, and 10pm – midnight free vodka night at a local bar. Wednesdays were really big days in Hong Kong, I felt awful. I stayed in bed instead and watched American movies on Netflix. (Clueless, Pacific Rim, Superman, Stand By Me, New Year’s Eve, Rumor Has It)

At three in the afternoon, I ventured out to find food, I was starving. My goal was to go to the grocery store and get anything that I thought would make me feel better. I was guessing by being in the presence of the food my body will subconsciously tell me what I needed.  I came home with a dragon fruit, orange, banana, tomatoes, steak, instant noodles, mango, head of broccoli, white bread, and Chinese cough/throat elixir. The elixir looked ancient, authentic, and powerful, I’m sure it would work. Also, the white bread here is similar to homemade white bread; you buy it in a four or eight piece pack from a bakery.

First, I ate the banana, took the elixir, steamed the broccoli, sautéed tomatoes, and fried the steak. I was well on my way to being cured. After eating, I headed back to bed for more Netflix. I’d save the other fruit, bread and noodles for later. I’d need to get up again and take 2 out of 3 of my daily Chinese elixir dosage.

After more napping and watching Netflix, I woke up had more Chinese elixir, ate hot noodle soup  a mango, and took a hot shower. I felt 90 percent better, maybe my Chinese elixir and random grocery list cured me, and maybe I’ll go out for just one drink!